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Before 1974, when the Alumni Newsletter was first published in year 2000, there was no regular publication. The gap in communication amongst Alumni and with the Alma Mater spurred the Sir Philip Edorhe - led UIAA Newsletter. An Editorial Board was appointed to ensure regularity. Like the ones earlier published, its objectives were: to disseminate news to Alumni; to publicize Branch activities; and to highlight developments in the University. With Volume 1 No. 1 released in June 2000, it has been published regularly bi-annually since then. The newest issue, Vol. 4. No. 2 December 2003 - June 2004, had just come off the press.

The UIAA Newsletter has also become a welcome source of revenue for the Association. The strategy was to launch each issue as appropriate, during NEC meetings, or at other times in some States. For example, the first major launching was done at the 114th NEC meeting in Makurdi on Saturday 24 March 2001. Alumnus Governor George Akume was largely instrumental to a fund-raising effort which fetched the UIAA N1.7 million. Moreover, on Saturday, 28th September, 2002 at the second major launching of Vol. 3 No. 1, UIAA Newsletter at Akure, a handsome sum of over N3.2 million was raised in cash and pledges due in large measure to the active support of the erstwhile Alumnus Governor Adebayo Adefarati, and several eminent Alumni/Alumnae in Ondo State.

The funds realised from these and other launchings were largely devoted to the construction of a 10-Bedroom Extension Project on the UIAA Guest House. As at December 2003, the First Phase of 4-Bedrooms had been completed. It was declared open by the erstwhile Alumnus Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Alhaji Olugbenga Kaka in 2003.

The Dunkwu-led NEC, which came into office on Saturday 24 July 2004 at a UIAA Election Congress plans to continue publishing the UIAA Newsletter, and to progress and expand the Phase II of the UIAAQ Guest House of additional bedrooms. All Alumni/Alumnae would be expected to assist UIAA accomplish these projects in the next two years, whenever the NEC comes calling.

Recent Newsletters
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